Bella’s Closet Co - Featured Artisan

Bella’s Closet Co - Featured Artisan

Luci TateMar 15, '23

Meet featured artisan Lauren Johnson of Bella’s Closet Co.

Bella’s Closet Co. was created a few months after she gave birth to her rainbow baby after 7 years of infertility!

When she finally became pregnant she left her dream job at a bank to pursue another dream and what she felt to be her purpose. Being a stay at home mother to her daughter. She knew she wanted to still do work, still do something! So she started a small sublimation shop.

This shop led her to making friends with the shop owner of Rylee Jane Ribbons VIP on Facebook. She began making bubblegum bead necklaces to match their bows for her daughter.

It became a passion and others wanted them too!

Fast forward to now. She is so blessed to get to make beautiful creations for her little one and of course her amazing customers!

Be sure to become a member of her private Facebook group “Bella’s Closet Co VIP“ and she also sells her creations on Etsy!