12mm Pastel Purple Plaid Print Chunky Acrylic Bubblegum Beads - 20 Count


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Oh my Plaid! Who doesn’t need these in their life? Too adorable to pass up.
These 12mm Pastel Purple Plaid printed Bubblegum Beads are perfect for any project. 

20 Count per order

Please note these adorable beads are produces with a ring of black spots around the drilled opening. Most of these can be wiped off by hand, some do remain. Projects that have other beads against them, should not be noticeable

Need 20mm? Matches with 20mm Pastel Purple print chunky acrylic bubblegum beads

Material: Acrylic
Bead Size: 12mm diameter size
Hole size: 1-2mm drilled through the center

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