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These Mystery Bumble Bags are just that. It's a mystery what's inside. But we can give you a hint.... LOTS of 20mm bubblegum beads with a mix of 12-16mm sizes and kinds.

All beads in these mixes are of perfect quality.

What will you get? These mystery bags are weighed at approx 8oz  and will include various beads that include a range of colorful solids, printed, rhinestones, silicone focals, and more. On average, each bag contains 50 (plus or minus) items which include a variety of 12-20mm acrylic beads, silicone beads, focal, keychains and much more. 

Such a variety of beads, we are sure you will love them.

Image is for reference only and does not reflect what each mystery bag contains. If you need a specific bead, we suggest you purchase individually.

Material: Acrylic / Resin
Bead Size: varies from 12mm -20mm diameter size

Please Note: Mystery Bumble Bags are not available for returns. We can not guarantee an exact count due to these being put together by weight, not bead count. These mixes are not paired.