Beadable Makeup Brush Set


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These beadable makeup brush set make great creative gifts!!

You can make each item as unique as you'd like! Each makeup brush top screws on/off allowing you to add, &/or remove your favorite beads.

A complete set of all 5 brushes with different functions to suit every need. 
Cost is per set.

Made of excellent material, sturdy and durable hand, thick aluminum tube, not to easy to deform, the hair is soft and delicate, easy to grab powder for makeup.

IMPORTANT: Due to the thickness of the bead rod, not all beads are suitable. Please note this prior to buying. The Bead rod is 2mm thick and will only fit beads with a 2mm hole or larger.

Image with the finished product is not included and just for inspiration. We used 12/15/14mm silicone beads, 12mm, 16mm, and 20mm with rhinestone rondelle.

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