Beadable Pizza Cutter - 1 and 5 Count


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These beadable pizza cutters make great creative gifts!!

You can make each item as unique as you'd like! Each pizza cutter top screws on/off allowing you to add, &/or remove your favorite beads.

Comes with a protective covering on both sides that will need to be peeled away. 

IMPORTANT: Due to the thickness of the bead rod, not all beads are suitable. Please note this prior to buying. The Bead rod is 3mm thick and will only fit beads with a 3mm hole or larger. 20mm bubblegum beads will not fit without the hole being reamed larger. ALL silicone beads we carry DO fit.

Image with the finished product is not included and just for example. We used 12/15/17mm silicone beads with a large hole rondelle. Please be prepared to enlarge the hole if you are using 20mm beads with a hole size smaller than 3mm

1 or 5 Count Available
Beadable length on the shaft: Approx 47mm
Total Letter Opener Length: Approx 6.5"
The Bead rod is 3mm thick
Material: Zinc Alloy

WARNING: Edges are sharp!! Please pay attention to the sharp edges as you bead your pizza cutter. 

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