DIY Letter and Seed Bead Kit - over 12,000 pieces


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Get started with this DIY Letter & Seed Bead Kit that includes

48 different colors of 3-3.5mm seed beads. Approx 250pcs per color. Hole:1mm

10 Alloy Enamel Pendants include 1 piece each of:
Lightning Bolt: 20x7x1.5mm, hole: 2mm
Diamond: 15x11.5x2.5mm, hole: 1.8mm
Sakura Flower: 14.5x11.5x4.5mm, hole: 1.2mm
Strawberry: 16.5x11.5x2mm, hole: 1.6mm
Crown Shape: 13x14x3mm, hole: 2mm
Sunflower: 18.6x15x2.5mm, hole: 1.8mm
Rose Flower: 17.5x14x3mm, hole: 2mm
Butterfly Iron Charm: 10.8x13.2x0.3mm, hole: 1.5mm
Leaf: 18x10.5x1.5mm, hole: 1.2mm
Shell: 14x11.8x2.8mm, hole: 2mm

Zinc Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps: 12x6mm, hole: 1.2mm, 20pcs

Iron Bead Tips: 7.5x4mm, hole: 1mm, inner diameter: 3mm, 50pcs

Iron Open Jump Rings: 6x0.8mm, Inner Diameter: 4.4mm, 3.3g, about 50pcs

Elastic Crystal Thread: 0.7mm in diameter, approx 10.93 yards(10m)/roll, 2 rolls

Plastic Bead Containers: 190x130x21mm, 24 compartments, 2pc