Designing Woman's Jewels - Featured Artisan

Designing Woman's Jewels - Featured Artisan

Luci TateFeb 13, '22

Minister Trish Wade is a jewelry designer and she teaches economic empowerment through beading. She has taught in Liberia West Africa and South Africa as well as many other countries.

Her beading is a ministry named Beading 2 Blessings. She has a passion for the art of beading. Ever since she was a little girl she was fascinated by beads. In fact her mother had the beaded curtains back in the day and loved the way they looked. She took those bead curtains, fashioned them into earrings and sold them for lunch money. In school, she wore so much jewelry her mom would make me take it off saying she looked like a Gypsy. She reluctantly took off the jewelry, put them in a bag, and proceeded to put it right back on at school!


Her lines of jewelry range from contemporary, to cultural and even to a men's line called mascu-line. Her spiritual line, affectionately titled The Royal One, includes crowns, prayer hands, doves and more. 

Her vision is to continue traveling and training others to fulfill their dream they never knew they had in the art of beading. She has trained at retreats, libraries, homes, churches and many other places. This program helps feed the families and is a lifetime skill which provides a way of earning income that they lacked.


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