Featured Artisans

Beaded Bling by Valerie is Bubblegum Bead Featured Artisan - June 2022

Luci TateMay 27, '22

June 2022's featured artisan is Beaded Bling by Valerie where her company makes beautiful beaded garland and other beaded items using bubblegum beads from The BumbleBead Company.

Designing Woman's Jewels - Featured Artisan

Luci TateFeb 13, '22

Minister Trish Wade is a jewelry designer and she teaches economic empowerment through beading. She has taught in Liberia West Africa and South Africa as well as many other countries. Her beading is a ministry named Beading 2 Blessings. She has a passion for the art of beading. Ever since she was a little girl...

Boss Beads - A Bubblegum Bead Crafter with a Cause

Luci TateJan 1, '22

An 11 year-old artisan discovers bubblegum bearable items and donates her proceeds to an organization which hits close to home.

AbCam & Co Bubblegum Bead Creations

Luci TateOct 23, '21

AbCam & Co is a mother-daughter duo, Dawn & Caytlyn. They started making bubblegum bead jewelry for their girls, Abby and Cambry, as well as close friends